Why conservation?

Conservation is complicated.  It is hard work and sometimes it feels as if everything is against you.  It can be frustrating, and terrifying, and overwhelming, but it is also the most exciting, heart-warming and fulfilling thing I can imagine.

Working in conservation has brought me moments where I feel sick with happiness and unable to believe my own good luck.   It has enabled me to see nature, and human nature, at its most beautiful and its ugliest, and taught me to embrace both.   The forests and mountains and primates and people I have seen are what keep me awake at night because my head is too full to sleep, and they are what make me get up in the morning and feel excited about life.

I hope that by writing about the things that inspire me, I can make others love them at least half as much as I do, and see why conservation for me is not a job, or even a career, but a way of life.